The Page of leilei

Oh I Biffed it!


I am hobbyist technical aritst.  That's all you need to know.
SOMETIMES I PROGRAM but not to much!

maybe i'm a witch


This is old! Look at her!!! Shes UGLY!!!

OpenArena3 EX
So kawaii!!! It's not done yet! Someday it will! Look at her!!! She's pretty!!!
Uwe hee hee

Who needs UnrealEngine anyway!!!!

"leifx" shader
It's like a 3d card but it's not!!!

Just a little Q3A engine hack to do Horz+ widescreen and paletted texturing for improving performance on old hardware. GPLv2


DuckDuckGoThe first World Wide Web search engine with a duck!!!
DisconnectThe first World Wide Web search engine that's disconnected. wait what
ixquickThe first World Wibe Wed search engine that's called ixquick!
FileMareLike a nightmare but with files!!! Very good at hunting rare old stuff like Windows 95 freeware.
FileWatcherLike FileMare but it watches!!!
The Cutting Rom FloorThings found in games you are nto meant to see like naked people in Xenoblade you you stupid prevert player!!! Geek only!!


DOSBoxExcellent and very fast DOS emulator designed for gaming, perfect for newbies and for washed-up game companies wanting to milk their legacies the easy way.
PCemVery promising PC emulator ! You can pick and chosoe the CPU and motherboard and video card you want!! It's like building a PC without the finger pinches and metal case cutting accidents and fatal discharges!!!
Retroarch/libretroThe ultimate portable melting pot of console emulation and more and you can use shaders out-the-arse on anything you desire! It's like Yoshii's Boxx but in software form!


ZdoomAlso known as Zed Doom if you're in britainnia
ReelismIt make Doom2 stupid
SamsaraIt's great because it doens't have Caleb.
OdamexIt's like doom but is online!!! Accept no substitutes!
ObligeIt's the robot that makes doom levels!!!


FreedoomA very cool but raw remake of the game D**m by *d s*ftw*re!!!
BZFlagAlso pronounced Bizz Flag!!! it's tank's and it existed for 22 years!

And don't forget...
Proud to be a Henna free Web Page!!!. You won't get Penesis here.

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