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Killer Quake Pack v2.00z
This is Killer Quake Pack version 2.00z featuring Zeusbots...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   Bots   Zeusbots   Helper bots   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 05-02-1997

Grenades v0.9
Loads of grenade types, possibly one of the funnest server-side patches of the time :)...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Serverside   
Author: Klaus | Date added: 08-23-1996

Killer Quake Pack v2.10z
This is version 2.10z of Killer Quake Pack featuring ZeusBots...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   Bots   Zeusbots   Helper bots   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 06-06-1997

Mecha   Deathmatch   Telejano   
Author: Tei | Date added: 12-31-2001

Game inspired   Deathmatch   Partial Conversion   One-liners   
Author: | Date added: 01-01-1970

Killer Quake Pack v0.85
Version v0.85 of Killer Quake Pack, complete with source code...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   QC   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 11-10-1996

Future vs. Fantasy v1.0
The first version of the popular Future vs. Fantasy mod...[more]
Teamwork   Deathmatch   Historic   
Author: Hap, Raison | Date added: 11-24-1996

P.A.I.N v1.0.06
early version...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 11-10-1996

Fist Fight 1.5
A DM mod where all you do is punch! FrikBot v0.09 included. Source is also included....[more]
Weapons   FrikBot   Deathmatch   
Author: Ze0 | Date added: 04-25-2000

A dodgy TC trying to imitate Descent...[more]
Game inspired   Weapons   Deathmatch   
Author: Ryan M aka Gribe | Date added: 06-01-1997

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