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Star Trek : The Quake 2 Simulation v1.11
Get onboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D and explore the most prominent decks on the vessel. Breach the warp core with your friends! Eject your enemies out of the Shuttle Bay! Troll everyone with the ...[more]
Trek   Realism   
Author: | Date added: 06-28-1999

Lawn Mower
Basically you mow the lawn and being careful not to damage your mower on some gophers, rocks and dogs! If you damage it to an amount you'll need to go back to the shed to replace the blade. If you hit...[more]
Mundane   Realism   Chores   
Author: Christopher D. Orr | Date added: 06-24-1987

Big Rig
It's an adventure game where you drive your long haul truck cross country facing dangers and such....[more]
Mundane   Realism   Chores   
Author: Bill Pogue | Date added: 01-28-1986

Star Trek: The Quake Simulation 1.2
Be Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D!!!

NOTE: This version has new weapons. The one on idgames2 doesn't have the new weapons....[more]
Trek   Realism   Deathmatch   
Author: Andrew Wyllie | Date added: 12-20-1997

A multiplayer team-based TC where the SWAT teams keeps the fugitives from escaping. Kinda like pre-cs escape mode...[more]
Teamwork   CS Clones   Realism   Military   
Author: Jeff Ross | Date added: 06-12-1997

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