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Midnight for Threewave CTF 4.22 (Quakeworld)
It's CTF... in the DARK!...[more]
Teamwork   CTF   Gimmick   
Author: Dr.DooM, NiKoDeMoS | Date added: 12-07-1997

QTeam 2.5 beta 1
it's quake, full of teamplay modes...[more]
Author: Quake Innovations | Date added: 05-01-1997

Quake Soccer 4
it's quake soccer...[more]
Teamwork   Sports   
Author: | Date added: 05-30-1997

QBall v2.1
Score goals with ball and kill other player!...[more]
Teamwork   Sports   
Author: | Date added: 05-15-1997

UltraQuake v1
Version 1 of UltraQuake, a wacky surreal 3 team multiplayer mod for Quake. Rare....[more]
Teamwork   Surrealism   
Author: Avatar | Date added: 02-01-1997

Future vs. Fantasy v1.0
The first version of the popular Future vs. Fantasy mod...[more]
Teamwork   Deathmatch   Historic   
Author: Hap, Raison | Date added: 11-24-1996

A multiplayer team-based TC where the SWAT teams keeps the fugitives from escaping. Kinda like pre-cs escape mode...[more]
Teamwork   CS Clones   Realism   Military   
Author: Jeff Ross | Date added: 06-12-1997

Da Bomb 0.99.7beta
A Quake mod once exclusive to the defunct HEAT.net gaming service, which is a precursor of the UT2003 Bombing Run game type.

NOTE: This is a zip file containing the original Win32 installers for Da Bom...[more]
Commercial   Teamwork   Heat.net   
Author: Captivation Digital Laboratories | Date added: 12-17-1997

CTF Bot 1.3b1
This is a bot that plays in the Threewave CTF mod....[more]
Bots   Teamwork   Patch   
Author: Drew 'BZ' Davidson | Date added: 04-25-1997

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