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Star Trek : The Quake 2 Simulation v1.11
Get onboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D and explore the most prominent decks on the vessel. Breach the warp core with your friends! Eject your enemies out of the Shuttle Bay! Troll everyone with the ...[more]
Trek   Realism   
Author: | Date added: 06-28-1999

3D Trek
A Virtual Reality Studio-created 3d adventure through the enterprise! You must stop the emergency self-destruct sequence....[more]
Trek   Virtual Reality Studio   VGA 320x200   
Author: Scott Douglas | Date added: 02-02-2007

Star Trek: The Quake Simulation 1.2
Be Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D!!!

NOTE: This version has new weapons. The one on idgames2 doesn't have the new weapons....[more]
Trek   Realism   Deathmatch   
Author: Andrew Wyllie | Date added: 12-20-1997

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