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10-21-2009 Updates:
on 17 lost mod versions
Lost Mods (1997-2003): The Paradox Effect v0.95, Midnight for Threewave CTF 4.22 (Quakeworld), Command & Conquer Infantry Quake v1.2, Da Bomb 0.99.7beta, Unconventional Weapons v1.21, Wazat v2.4, Final Quake: Real 0.2, Star Trek : The Quake 2 Simulation v1.11, Void Mod v1.09, Void Mod v1.10, Warfare, Fist Fight 1.5, Chatter Quake, XORON Weapons Patch v1.7, Coolweps

These were already on the site, but I finally got around to adding these.

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