Update 1.1

The 1.1 update fixes the head turning bug, and adds camera angle options for mappers. It also includes a fixed start level that uses new camera angles to fix the visibility problems under the platform.

New Battle Mech files

These are two files given to me by GG. My understanding is it's a linux battle mech version. Unfortunately, he didn't include folders in one of the paks, so read the instructions here before installing.

Map Name Author Size # Players Game Type Notes
longbow SkinnedAlive 305KB 6-8 DM -
blackfort SkinnedAlive 141KB 4-8 DM -

Want to make a map for Battle Mech but don't know how? e-mail me.

Battle Mech is probably the most successful mod I've made so far. You pilot a mech from an overhead view, fighting other mechs with a variety of weapons in a struggle to gain points, capture the flag, or defend the base.

The controls are simple. Your mech moves when you press up, down, left or right. You can also press 2 keys at once for diagonal movement, for a total of 8 directions. The head functions and turns independently of the body, and to control it you need only move the mouse or mouseball left/right, or use the look left/right keys. You can also use commands to jump and to drop your current weapon (to pick up a new one).

Firing weapons is simple. When you press the fire button, the weapon will fire in the direction the head is pointing. You aim left and right, and the mech will automatically aim up and down for you.

Weapons vary in power, fire rate, speed, range, and overall behavior.

Weapon Description
Machinegun Always available and unlimited in ammo, the machinegun is there whenever you don't have another gun. However, the power leaves much to be desired. Try to find something else.
Machvn Good, stable machinegun that mows down enemies quickly. However, aiming is an issue, as a continuous stream of fire is needed in rapid fire weapons.
Shotgun Close range weapon with some excellent power. The Shotgun kills quickly, but you have to be close.
Rifle Fires a powerful shot with precision accuracy and great speed. The difficulty lies in aiming...
Mines Mines are dropped behind you when fired. They will explode if anything touches them (including you), so watch where you step. They will automatically explode after a couple seconds.
Navin Duel pulse cannon that does very good damage, but the bullets move very slow.
Laser Mines Fires multiple pods that stick to whatever surface they impact. Once secure, they each emit a powerful short-range laser that will cause great damage to anyone who crosses it. Excellent for retreats or cutting off an enemy's path in Capture The Flag.
Gattling Gun Rapid fire hitscan weapon that does excellent damage. Its instant hit bullets tend to hit right where you're aiming at.
Flame Thrower Excellent mid-ranged weapon that can fry enemies in seconds. The flame does more damage up close than it does far away.
Laser Cannon Powerful beam weapon that cuts through multiple enemies easily. Its high damage and instant hit capabilities make it a highly desirable weapon.
Grenade Launcher Good, stable weapon with excellent accuracy and power. Grenades are expecially useful because they fall ballistically and bounce, making this an excellent weapon for high ground.
Rocket Launcher Rockets are very fast, very powerful, and very precise. Their explosion radius leave little to be desired, with the minor exception of blowing yourself up. Few will stand in your way with this weapon.
Homing Missile Weaker missiles which lock on to enemies and follow their heat signature until impact. These missiles are fired fairly rapidly and they do decent damage; however, at close range they have a poor chance of hitting their targets.
Lightning Cannon Weapon of awesome power, the Lightning Cannon is easily the most powerful weapon in the game. Just be sure not to include yourself in the blast radius...

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