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Killer Quake Pack v1.00
This is version v1.00 of Killer Quake Pack....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 01-27-1997

Command & Conquer Infantry Quake v1.2
In this mod, you play a real tough guy, so keep 'em coming!...[more]
Weapons   Partial Conversion   Game Inspired   
Author: Miles Invictus | Date added: 03-29-1998

Grenades v0.9
Loads of grenade types, possibly one of the funnest server-side patches of the time :)...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Serverside   
Author: Klaus | Date added: 08-23-1996

Killer Quake Pack v2.00z
This is Killer Quake Pack version 2.00z featuring Zeusbots...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   Bots   Zeusbots   Helper bots   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 05-02-1997

Unconventional Weapons v1.21
This adds pistols, rifles, and locational damage. If you've played Goldeneye 64 before, then you know what inspired this one to exist. Tasers, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, chainguns.

Ironically, in...[more]
Author: Miles Invictus | Date added: 02-08-1999

Railgun Public Beta 1
This is a railgun NO! not only it's a railgun but two railguns! Pre-Quake2....[more]
Weapons   Movie inspired   Deathmatch   
Author: Tritian, IguanaGuy, Christopher Bolin | Date added: 01-02-1997

Killer Quake Pack v2.10z
This is version 2.10z of Killer Quake Pack featuring ZeusBots...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   Bots   Zeusbots   Helper bots   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 06-06-1997

Wazat v2.4

It's a ton of weapons and things never in other mods, like an health kit elevator of death, gusts of wind, black holes, etc. It's a very unique (but buggy) assorted pack of weaponry and tools.

Weapons   Miscellaneous   
Author: Wazat | Date added: 07-22-1998

Wing Commander Quake Beta 0.04
Don't get excited, you don't fly ships in this one :(...[more]
Weapons   Game Inspired   Partial Conversion   
Author: Evan "Hadrian" Adnams, James "Flashfire" Boswell | Date added: 06-12-1997

Troopeux Beta

Humorous and very french Quake TC. One of the granddaddies of all lost mods...[more]
Weapons   Total Conversion   Comedy   French   
Author: Boussourir | Date added: 10-31-1997

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