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It's a single weapon - the Singularity Cannon. It's a black hole gun.
FrikBots are also in there....[more]
Weapons   Frikbot   Cool   Unreal   
Author: Venomus | Date added: 11-10-2003

P.A.I.N v1.2
The last version of the PAIN patch....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 03-25-1998

Void Mod v1.10
A cleaner reboot of the Wazat mod, now this time featuring FrikaBots (sic).

Weapons   Frikbots   Deathmatch   
Author: Wazat | Date added: 05-18-1999

Extreme P.A.I.N v1.2 BETA 2A patch
Fixes some critical bugs that creeped up...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 08-01-1997

Supressor Flak Cannon
it's a flak cannon and it blasts a load of flak...[more]
Author: Miles Invictus | Date added: 06-14-1998

Killer Quake Pack v0.90
Version v0.90 of Killer Quake Pack, complete with source code...[more]
Weapons   Historic   QC   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 11-30-1996

Death Match eXtreme
It's a mod with new weapons and runes as well as new map entities....[more]
Weapons   Runes   Deathmatch   
Author: Omega The Quake Expansion Team | Date added: 04-22-1997

Killer Quake Pack v1.00
This is version v1.00 of Killer Quake Pack....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 01-27-1997

Command & Conquer Infantry Quake v1.2
In this mod, you play a real tough guy, so keep 'em coming!...[more]
Weapons   Partial Conversion   Game Inspired   
Author: Miles Invictus | Date added: 03-29-1998

Grenades v0.9
Loads of grenade types, possibly one of the funnest server-side patches of the time :)...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Serverside   
Author: Klaus | Date added: 08-23-1996

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