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Capture the Head
Scavenge heads of gibbed enemies to an altar....[more]
Deathmatch   Gametype   
Author: Charlie Zimmerman | Date added: 03-04-1997

LaserQuake Public Beta 1
A deathmatch TC focused around the sport of laser tag.

While it's not really lost, the original archive was password protected and had an installer. The archive here is not password protected....[more]
Deathmatch   Total conversion   
Author: Phish Inc Productions | Date added: 03-31-1997

King of the Hill
in king of the hill you are king of the hill...[more]
Deathmatch   Propane   Hank   Judge   
Author: Vaskin Kissoyan: Blank Guy of the Smokin' Toads | Date added: 06-03-1997

Extreme P.A.I.N v1.2 BETA 2
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 06-03-1997

XORON Weapons Patch v1.7
A weapons patch with some lesser seen weapons like the Net Launcher and the Shockwave gun and the Teleport Crystal Launcher....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   
Author: XORON | Date added: 03-01-2000

P.A.I.N v1.2
The last version of the PAIN patch....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 03-25-1998

It's Unconventional Weapons 2 pretty much....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   
Author: Miles Invictus | Date added: 12-28-1999

Extreme P.A.I.N v1.2 BETA 2A patch
Fixes some critical bugs that creeped up...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Skins   
Author: Jamie Wood | Date added: 08-01-1997

Killer Quake Pack v1.00
This is version v1.00 of Killer Quake Pack....[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 01-27-1997

Killer Quake Pack v2.00z
This is Killer Quake Pack version 2.00z featuring Zeusbots...[more]
Weapons   Deathmatch   Historic   Bots   Zeusbots   Helper bots   
Author: Howard Roy | Date added: 05-02-1997

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