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GCS Windows Editor Info

    What is the "Game Creation System Windows Editor"?

The GCSWRE is a drop-in replacement for the present DOS game engine
that uses Microsoft's Direct X / Direct 3D technology.
For information on the standard GCS for DOS
[Click Here]
  The GCSWRE is a Microsoft Windows(tm) & Direct X application that requires a Pentium or better PC to run.  It will also utilize a video 3D accelerator card if you computer is equipped with one.  This drop-in replacement for the DOS GCS will be able to run any existing game that you have developed using the old system, but without many of  the DOS memory limitations!  Since this new engine is powered by Microsoft's Direct X, your games will be able to display Full Screen resolutions of 640x480 or higher, with 8, 16, or 24 bit color, limited only by your graphics card.
Click here for some terrific screen shots!

Other features include:

  • Freedom to place individual floor and ceiling panels of varying textures, heights and angles.
  • Light source effects that make regular levels look spectacular!
  • 360 degree scrolling horizon backgrounds
  • *3D hardware accelerated graphics (*3D Video Accelerator Required)
  • Ability to look up, down, and now you can go FULL SCREEN!
  • Sound support for any sound card, Midi and CD music!
  • Multiple enemy types per level.
  • Configurable Cheat Keys!
Full Release Version Available NOW!
The GCSWRE Advance Release
  So what does the GCSWRE 'advance-release' version look and feel like? Initially, it looks exactly like the DOS GCS, as does the 'GCS Paint' program.  That soon changes when the 'Test Level' option is selected, and the Windows GCS editor shows itself.  The first time a level is tested with the GCSWE, you will need to select a video mode option that works best for you, on your particular computer.  This only needs to be done once, after which you can just select 'Test 3D World' to test your level.  From this windows portion of the editor, you can add or modify such things as textured floor and ceiling panels, lighting effects, and the games view port size.

  The GCSWRE 'advance-release' version comes with a 34 page bound manual that takes you through the basics of the new features that make up this amazing Pie in the Sky product.

System Requirements:
Pentium (120+ Recommended),
CD-ROM, Mouse,
Microsoft's Windows 95/98 and Direct X
Save up to $22 when you purchse the GCS!
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