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Hello All GCS Game Design enthusiasts,
Here is your chance to join a mailing list  just  for 'Pie in the Sky'
Game Creation System users.  The idea is to create a forum
where fellow GCS users can share ideas, thoughts,
ask and answer questions or just advertise games for release.
Just type in your E-Mail address below and join today!

Read these List rules and agree to them before joining.
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    GCS Union

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This is a club for trading GCS related stuff, giving people pointers, etc. Focused more on the game design/game idea/game tools end



    GCSTALK - Rules and Regulations

Welcome to GCStalk the original discussion group dedicated to all things GCS. GCStalk was created by Steve Fury founder of and is moderated by Ken Beard And Daveman. GCStalk has grown so quickly, we need to establish a few rules up-front, so new members may avoid mistakes that could effect their membership.

The primary focus of GCStalk is the free and open discussion of products made by, for and with, the Pie In the Sky Game Creation System. You may not post topics that have nothing if little to do with the GCS. You will get a simple warning or removeal depending on the offense.

The purpose of GCStalk is allow GCS, GCSP and GCSW users to ask and answer questions, share ideas, disseminate gcs tech support replies and distribute related information.

The following should enhance your use of GCStalk.

Advertising: GCStalk does not allow commercial advertising of any kind and we are not the place to sell your new game. However, if you choose to release a demo of your game and your demo or website has an order form for the complete game, it is all right to occasionally invite us to check it out.

Banners: If you or your site has links to some money making scheme, don't mention it here.

Discrimination: If you have a problem with your: race, creed, color, national origin, age or sex, don't bring it up here. GCStalk is a meeting of the minds. No more then the most casual mention of any of the above is allowed.


GCStalk is a limited forum for the discussion of topics relating to the Game Creation System. This is not your public soapbox for whatever is on your mind. GCStalk is not responsible for your: income, living conditions or personal happiness.


It is permissible to post links to sites of possible interest to GCStalk members. A description of what we should expect to find there should be included, (ie: royalty free textures) along with warning of any disclaimers you may have found, (ie: non-commercial use only). Care should be taken to post only the url, please do not forward the entire web site to GCStalk. Links to: porn, mp3, warez, mlm, make-money-fast, or other non-related or illegal sites are not allowed in GCStalk.


It is suggested you spend some time reading GCStalk and your manual, before posting your, question, comment, or pet game theory to GCStalk.


GCStalk is moderated after the fact. Posts come to you uncensored, exactly as written by their original authors, bugs, barnacles, barbs and all. Please do not construe this to be an open invitation to reply in kind or to post whatever you want here. All posts are later reviewed by moderators Ken Beard and Daveman and violators will be removed from GCStalk.


All the items of proper internet behavior you agreed to when you signed on with your isp are expected to be complied with in GCStalk.


It is not necessary to own a copy of the GCS, GCSP or GCSW to join GCStalk. Non-owners are expected to be somewhat more circumspect about asking and responding to questions. Do not post to the list trying to get a pirated copy of the GCS. Replies in the public forum such as, "Gee I don't know." are not desired by anyone.


GCStalk respects the rights of parents to preserve the innocence of children. Please don't exceed PG values in GCStalk.


Posts to GCStalk may take minutes to hours to take effect. If you clicked on [Send] and what you wrote went away, assume it will be posted and please do not repost the same message again. Do not send "TEST" messages to the list. Plain ASCII text is preferred as many mailboxes can't deal with html. Attachments to GCStalk posts are not allowed, with the exception of posts originating from Pie In The Sky Corp.


Lon are the sole and final arbitrator of membership in GCStalk. If you have a problem with anger management, immediate sincere apology is your best chance with no guarantees of privileges being restored now or later, depending on how annoying you were.


Unknown posters with forged or bogus e-mail addresses, who "pop" into the group with outrageous statements, racist terms, or offensive language are clearly trolls. These vermin are not worth responding to, as it only helps to spread their message. Just ignore their pathetic cries for attention.

The Pie In The Sky Game Creation System for Windows is expected to be an easy to use low cost alternative to the expensive programming intensive game engines on the market today. This company has already successfully completed the GCS and GCSP game engines for dos. The release of new game engines can be frustrating for both company and purchasers, your patience and understanding is appreciated. Thank you for your interest in GCStalk.

Dan Olsson / / GCStalk /

Ken Beard / DaveMan / Listbot moderators

Robert Perkis / Thanks for the rules, we hope you don't mind our edits.

=======Welcome to the GCS Talk Listbot=======
*****Moderated by Kenneth Beard and Daveman *****

Hello and welcome to the GCS Talk Listbot, the place to be for all the latest in GCS releated news, help, tips, tricks, and ideas and the most important, new friends who share a common intrest.

Before you get ready to post new messages to the list we insist you read over the following rules to prevent removeal or getting out of line with the moderators on this list. If you have any questions be sure to e-mail me at anytime.

The following rules have been setup to resemble our constitution, even though you may be form an international country I am not trying to lead a dictatorship here. Only Keep the list a sfae enviorment for all its users.

Article I
Section 1

Clause 1:

Swearing, flaming, and verbal abuse rather intnetional or not is prohibited and will result in removal. The three strikes your out role has been removed. This list if to be rated by the MPPA would be G - PG.

Clause 2:

Off topic posts are not encouraged. This is a GCS only list. I will be treating everyone with a 2 chance penalty. 2 off topic posts with in the same month and I will limit you to 1 post a week for a month. Also sending "TEST" messages to the listbot is denied. Unless a bomb gets dropped on the listbot servers, you post will eventually get here. If you send 2 posts by accident we will understand you do not need to send a third e-mail telling everyone your sorry. Examples off on topic posts are Seeking help installing a product you intend to use with GCS, asking for reviews, or simply giving reviews of programs that would be good with the GCS. Even though these may seem off topic they are not and are very welcome to the list.

Clause 3:

Treat everyone with respect and it will be returned to you. If someone has an idea that you don't agree with, reply nicely, and not in haste. Simply state your reason why you feel something is something else.

Clause 4:

If someone sends you a message privately, and respond it to the list you will be removed, no exceptions. What is sent to you through private mail is between you and the sender, it is your responceability to report them to your ISP and there ISP, or to simply resolve the situation.

Clause 5:

If you send business ads, chain letters, buisness boosters (explained better in next clause) file atachments, or anything of the sort you will be removed. These are not considered off topic posts so don't pleed with me when I remove you if you break this rule. Its listed above in plain english.

Clause 6:

Buisness boosters. This may seem wierd but to prevent out breaks, the only buisness boosters maybe for your GCS created game, our your GCS related web site, art, tools and models. But here is the tricky part, if it deals with things such as a news letter or magaizne you intend to sell that deals with things other then GCS such as; dare I even dread its name "3D RAD" then forget it.

And so far thats it for rules. I will post these rules every first of the month so no one will ever forget, and get tempted to post something uncalled for.

These rules are subject to change, everyone will be notified when these rule changes take place.

Kenneth Beard

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