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GCS Scam Reports

    Brad Withers* Experience
After taking a venture into the game publishing field, here's my experience and quite a number of others who have been burned by the same company-

The company names are (to date and I will add more as they popup):

  • Crystal Interactive

  • If you are approached by any publisher, you need to be absolutely sure you have heard of them, then check out some of their games and contact the actual authors to see if they are happy with the publisher. Research the publisher thoroughly. And if in complete doubt, contact me; Brad at the following alternate email address: Brad Withers

    References to Alex De Vries have been removed after contact with Mr. De Vries and his explanation that the problems with Crystal Interactive, were with Crystal Interactive, and not him. That he left Crystal Interactive do to their business practices and that he would never scam any client/potential client of his.

    Thanks to Brad and Alex for getting this settled.

    If you have had a bad experience with a publisher, e-mail me the details and I'll be sure to post it. All Game Makers welcome to send in, even non GCS users.


        Resource for your Protection
    Here's a plug for something I've been a member of for over a year. I've used it for an unrelated reasons, but it works. It's for U.S. and Canada residents.

    PrePaid Legal

    This site includes a FREE Legal Resource Center for Personal or Business information. It also has information on how to protect yourself and family with legal coverage

    This is my brother's site. And he will respond if you have any questions.

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