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    CD-Rom Duplication

Quick Review
ACME CD Manufacturing
One of the premier compact disc manufacturing companies on the Internet, ACME CD Manufacturing was established by people who have been putting out their own work for years.Call1-800-449-5326 for information about their services.
CDman Disc Manufacturing
CDman offers you the ability to have CDs in as little as 24 hours! Call 1-800 557-3347order hotline for details. Also Custom Shape CDsCreate unique product identity by shaping the CD into a logo or product shape
Disc Makers
We offer the most complete and wide-ranging packaging solutions in the business, including our new ISP-friendly FlatPak. Whether your CD-ROM is for training, marketing, software, or retail sale, we have a packaging format that fits your needs


    Credit Cards

Quick Review
Beseen's BuyIt!
Give your customers a safe, secure way to pay over the Internet. Accept credit card orders online without a merchant accoun
Beseen uses i-Escrow. Fees vary for order. Up to $100.00 they charge $2.50. $100.01 - $25,000.00 they charge 4%. See their FAQ page for more detailed info.
CCNow: The Online Retailer
The full-service electronic commerce solution for small businesses and individuals.
CCNow collects a 9% sales commission on the total amount charged to each customer.
PayPal provides the world's first instant and secure online payment service. With, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet.
Fees vary for order. Credit card payment of a 0-$10 order- 25¢ charge, a $10-$500 order- 1.9% + 25¢ charge, orders $500 or more- 1.9% + 25¢ charge. See fee schedule page for more details.



Quick Review
Get Software
Paul- A new site that allows you to, at no charge, sell downloadable games (not registration codes, but actually downloadable games!).
Get Software provides international and domestic customers the ability to electronically purchase, register, upgrade and download software from any Get Software registered shareware author within a secure online environment.


    Domain Names

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Announcing $15 domain name registrations at directNIC. Stop wasting $35 for domain registrations at Network Solutions. directNIC can register your domains for only $15, with no additional fees! directNIC also allows for moreflexibility with registration periods than Network Solutions.
One FREE Domain name, Each Name Includes:
A free email account @ your personal NameDemo domain name.
NameDemoPortal forwards NameDemo domain names to any site on the Web, even your pre-existing home page.
One FREE, permanent .com (or .net or .org) domain name and domain name hosting. One FREE POP and Web domain name e-mail account with unlimited e-mail aliases and multiple, two way e-mail forwarding features. Namezero only offers 1 domain per PERSON not household, and they do put a frame on your page with Namezero's link and the links for you to edit (secured) your site.
This site will allow you to shorten a long web site name to a shorter one. For an example I changed my site to Plus this site is supposed to generate more hits for you.



Quick Review
Association of Shareware Professionals
To inform users about shareware programs and about shareware as a method of distributing and marketing software; To encourage broader distribution of shareware through organizations who agree to identify and explain the nature of shareware; To assist members in marketing their software; To provide a forum through which ASP members may communicate, share ideas, and learn from each other; and To foster a high degree of professionalism among shareware authors by setting programming, marketing and support standards for ASP members to follow.
E-Commerce Selling on the Web RESOURCE LIST. Has a great META tag section, HTML Code Checker by NetMechanic, Search Engine tips and e-mailing list host.
Makes designing and selling custom t-shirts and other products, fun and FREE! Just login to, upload your artwork and start selling custom merchandise with your own private online store!
Independent Developers Network. DeveloperNET is a network of individuals and teams making games or game-related products. Our goal at is to give these developers additional exposure and recognition in any way we can. There are no strict guidelines for membership; however, a key is that it should be obvious that you are trying to make a living as an independent game developer, i.e. that it is more than just a hobby for you. It is probably a good idea to visit current DeveloperNET members and see if your site is up to par. allows you to create your own free e-mail service for free. You can put ads for your games in the foot of the messages sent with it. If you have your own paid domain (Namezero and Namedemo don't work) you can have it @yourdomain.whatever. You can also set up your own discussion pages
Independent Games Festival
is a showcase for independently developed computer-based games from around the globe. The Independent Games Festival celebrates and recognizes independent game development in all of its diversity.
Free e-zines (electronic newsletters), special reports, articles, and Web resources will provide you with proven, practical strategies and techniques you can use right away to make your Web site more successful, competitive, and profitable.
See You Again Shortcut
Now with See You Again Shortcut™, a patent pending technology, you can give your visitors the power to create convenient Internet shortcuts featuring your company's logo on their Desktop and Start Menu that point directly to your company's web site! See You Again Shortcut™ is a consistent way to remind visitors about your site that will boost your return visitor traffic, repeat business, and brand awareness. This powerful form of advertising has been used successfully for years by the companies that wrote many of your desktop applications. Get a FREE Trial right now!
Web Site Resources
Find everything from FREE to pay sites that will help you generate hits, earn cash, plus offer help to spice up your web page and make them better.


    Submissions and Publishers

Quick Review
Buka Entertainment
Apart from publishing games by Russian developers, we also publish hit titles by foreign developers and publishers. We fully localize the games developed abroad We carry out prudent marketing policies We print CDs in Russia We sell through our huge nationwide distribution network We sell at the maximum price one can sell in Russia On signing a license agreement we gain the right to protect the licensor's trademark. We seize all pirated copies published before the moment the contract has been signed and prevent publishing of illegal copies after that. We can protect the licensor's disk from domestic piracy by furnishing all CDs with our unique security system. We provide free technical support to all registered users
Crystal Interactive**See Brads tip below
Marcia- They would expect it to be a quality game such as Infiltration appears to be. They don't pay advances, and would be looking for a mostly finished product before signing. I've heard they never reject on the first look and will make suggestions for improvement. They box and put it on CD and sell via digital river.
Crystal Interactive- We will publish the product as part of one of our "Crystal Series™" brands. This includes a jewel case release and a boxed release in most cases. In any case your product will also be part of a multi-pack with 4 or 9 other products. This is extra income for every author.
MISSION is to create a select community of Developers who work closely in a mutually rewarding, collaborative effort with eGames, Inc. toward supplying a high quality, affordable, family friendly™ collection of games to the North American and International marketplace.

just write to us at

We will send you detailed instructions on how to submit your game. Please do not contact eGames, Inc. without writing to this email address first. Depending on the number of submissions we receive, it may take us a while to get back to you, so please be patient with us! We do respond to each and every developer who submits a product.
I suggest going to the web site first and view the whole developers page first.

GarageDeveloper International -- the independent's publisher!
We offer publishing opportunities for independent game developers. If you would like to have your game exposed to the vast consumer base available through this affiliation with GarageDeveloper International then by all means take advantage of this opportunity. We are always seeking game submissions. Go to the site and download ourNon Disclosure Agreement , send it with your demo(if you have one) and fill out the form below. A publishing contract will be sent to you, unless you only want your game to be showcased on an OGGF CD.
Strategy First
Marketing: If you have any questions regarding marketing or if you have a product or product preposal that you would like to submit to us- send us an e-mail and an appropriate representative will answer you as quickly as possible.
We're open to creative suggestion! Developers and programmers are encouraged to submit their ideas for consideration.
Xtreme Games LLC
One of our goals is to help up and coming game developers publish and distribute their games. This means that Xtreme Games will sell your game and we will split the profits right down the middle 50-50.


    Web Hosting

Quick Review
Doteasy provides solutions for individuals and small businesses who need a web presence too. The offer:

1) .com, .net, .org domain name registration for as low as US$18 a year.

2) $0 web hosting, no ad banner.

Check them out today and maybe you could join the web hosting revolution today too!




Dan Olsson
If you've had success marketing a game that you published and have any tips for the novice. E-mail them to me so I can list them here for other users trying to market and sell their games.
Dan Olsson
I would suggest getting your web site listed in every search engine possible.
David Henry
The concept of Free Gifts has always been a people attractor.., assuming the free gift is what people want. Some people will just take just because it's free.., I still insist, if one makes a free game or two (they dont have to be huge just fun) .., people who like it may check back if you mention there may be more freebies. DURING this visit to get the Freebies.., is wher you have to make your PAY Game VERY ATTRACTIVE.., i.e., tease them into wanting it, desiring it. "Tease and please".
Robert Perkis
Forget web site submission services, they are more likely to get your site banned instead of listed. There are only about eight major search engines and it would be well worth your while to hand submit your site to those that are still free or have a free back door. Almost all search submit service ads are lies, resubmitting doesn't move your site up front as a new site, it costs you your position and moves you to the back. Search engines do not drop you if you don't resubmit on a regular basis, they will drop you for spamming if you submit too often or no one links to you. The biggest favor you can do another gcs member is to link to their site. Once you get listed in some of the search engines, never visit your site without going through a search engine search for it to register hits on your site.

A good hobby (once you have your meta correct and page at least looking finished) is to hand submit to a few new search engines every week.

100 Search engine list
UK-Search lists the UK search engines
Easysearcher is a compilation of the best search engines available on the internet.

Dan Olsson
In addition to Robert's comments, I would suggest entering your site in every game related web site also.

I would also check the leading game publishers web sites and see how yours stacks up next to theirs on looks and surfability, a professional looking site will go a long way.

To comment further on Daveman's comments on offering free games. I would submit them to Completely Free Software at the very least. When they first listed my free game I received at least 80 - 100 its a day for the first month, and I still get about a 100 a week. That's from over a year ago.

Mitchell Searle
I agree with David Henry, that freebies are the way to go. Another, related, tip is that if you make a demo of the game, then that will show people what your game can and will do. That will make a whole lot more people buy your game, because then they know just how good it is and it's a whole lot better, from a customers point of view, to buy games which they know will be good, so having either a demo of the game you're selling, or a prequel to the game will help a lot, because then people will know that they're getting good stuff.
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