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    August 30, 2003

I had updates but lost all my e-mail messages from some of you.

The biggest was the discussion forum which is still being used. Some of you may have bookmarked www.pieskysoft.ORG/discus/ , change your bookmarks to www.pieskysoft.COM/discus/

I'll also add the link to the excellent and detailed online owners manual/tutorial by Pie in the Sky.

Plus I'll add the link to my GCSgames Discussion Forum.

GCS Discussion Forum
Complete Online User Manual
GCSgames Discussion Forum

    Wednesday, March, 19 2003
New Game Update

Just after my last update Bob Hindle e-mailed that he had updated his game Infiltration. Go check it out


New VGA File

shaughnessy submitted a (crude) .VGA file of terrain of a trench made in GCSpaint. See it on the GCS Miscellaneous Files

Terrain 1K

New Wall Animation

shaughnessy submitted a wall texture animation, with the animation text. See it on the GCS Miscellaneous Files

Boom Wall 68 K

New Midi File

I've lost who sent this in. Get to me so I can give you credit. Get it on the GCS Music & Sounds

Bravely Press on 5 K

    Tuesday, December, 17 2002
New Sprite Enemy

Kris sent in a new sprite enemy. See it on the the GCS Sprites Enemy Files page.

Cop 24 KB

    Sunday, November, 24 2002
Update Finally

It's been a while since the last update. I've received e-mails on some of the dead links. I don't have time to go through them at this time, but I will get to them. Dan

New MD2 Weapon

- Jeremiah Ayres sent in a Md2 weapon model of a machine pistol. Good animation. It's listed on the GCS Weapon Files page.

PP705 machine pistol 44 KB

New Windows Game

- Peter Lems sent in his game Satellite. It's in multiple parts. It's listed on the GCS Games for Win95 page.

Satellite File 1
Satellite File 2
Satellite File 3
Satellite File 4
Satellite File 5
Satellite File 6
Satellite File 7
2.8MB ea

    Sunday, August,24 2002
New MD2 Model

Chris Renfrow sent in a Md2 model of a hanging light. It's listed on the GCS Objects page.

Light Ball 23 KB

    Monday, August,19 2002
MD2 Models

Be sure to check out my Cd of MD2 models available. It's listed on the GCS Tools page.

CD of Models

Texture Cd

Brad Withers is offering a texture package. It's listed on the GCS Tools page.

400 image Textures

    Wednesday, July 31, 2002
New Tool

Lance has created a mini menu/start system for the GCS. It's listed on the GCS Tools page.

Menu/Start System 585 Kb

New Tutorial

Bob Hindle has a new tutorial on how to make a water fountain and includes an MD2 centrepiece for download. It is now available on the GCS Tutorials page.

Make a water fountain

New Tool

Marcia sent the link to TOTAL TERRAIN. An advanced heightfield /terrain editor. the format saved is a .bmp file, the output can be used with any application that uses greyscale images as terrain heightfields. It is now available on the GCS Tools page.


Free Textures

George Patterson has 12 free textures of different objects for free download from his site. GCS Miscellaneous Files

Free Textures



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